Established: June 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria
Opening of ICA-Sofia Gallery: August 2009


Magnet and Antimagnet, curator Iara Boubnova, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Carlos Garaicoa, A Sword and a Rose, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Anton Terziev, Contemporary Tools of Labor, ICA-Sofia Gallery

Art of Urban Intervention, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Erwin Wurm, Micro-Retrospective, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti, "Civil Position", ICA-Sofia Gallery
"After the Flight", curator Iara Boubnova, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Anna Jermolaewa, "Step Aside", ICA-Sofia Gallery 

"Museum Souvenirs", ICA-Sofia Gallery
"On the Top – Exhibition of Samuil Stoyanov and Its Effect on Global Warming", ICA-Sofra Gallery
"Persona", curator Vyara Mlechevska, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Massimo Bartolini, "Dews", ICA-Sofia Gallery
"Our 20 Years in Contemporary Art", ICA-Sofia Gallery

Dan Perjovschi, "International Artist", ICA-Sofia Gallery
Rada Boukova, "STILL LIFE... all the rest is by the way...", ICA-Sofia Gallery
"From Ideology to Economy. Contemporary Bulgarian Art 20 Years Later", State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow
"Techniques", ICA Gallery

"Mind Your Step!", Sofia University 
"Neither a White Cube, nor a Black Box. History in Present Tense", Sofia City Art Gallery 

“Gelatin’s Wet Garbage”, Gelatin (Austria), ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Unrendered”, personal exhibition of Kalin Serapionov, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“From Here To There”, exhibition of X-tendo group, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Excuse Me, Which is This City?” personal exhibition of Krassimir Terziev, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Modality”, personal exhibition of Kamen Stoyanov, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Reverse”, personal exhibition of Samuil Stoyanov, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Balkanton”, personal exhibition of Stefan Nikolaev, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

Drawing as Craftsmanship” personal exhibition of Kiril Prashkov, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

“Existing Objects”, personal exhibition of Pravdoliub Ivanov, ATA center/ICA-Sofia
“Hot City Visual”, personal exhibition of Luchezar Boyadjiev, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

Adriana Czernin, personal exhibition, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

“Happy Birthday to You”, personal exhibition of Alla Georgieva, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

“Modus Operandi”, personal exhibition of Maite Yurrebaso Picaza (Spain), ATA center/ICA-Sofia

“sofiatage- buch”, personal exhibition of Georg Frauenschuh (Austria), ATA center/ICA-Sofia

“Bound/less Borders” (presentation in Sofia, with Goethe Institute Inter Nationes-Sofia), on the advertisement trucks of Mobil Afish, the streets of Sofia
“Something in Common”, video-presentation within Digital Weekend - Sofia Film Fest, organized by the Red House, Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova)

“VHS – new video works by Bulgarian artists”, 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova)

“Double Bind” (in collaboration with Springerin Magazine-Vienna), Ata Centre / Irida Gallery / XXL Gallery, Sofia (curators Iara Boubnova, Georg Schollhammer)

“Bound/less Borders”- Bulgarian participation, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes-Belgrade, Belgrade (co-curator Iara Boubnova)

“VideoJune. Videoscreening 03”, ZERO Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Piacenza, Italy (co-curators Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev)

“Escape” – Bulgarian participation, the 1st Tirana Biennial, Tirana, Albania (co-curator Iara Boubnova)

“ICA-Sofia”, City Art Gallery, Rousse, Bulgaria (curator Iara Boubnova)

“Don’t Look at Me This Way”, Annual exhibition of Section 13 of UBA, (Maria Vassileva, Luchezar Boyadjiev), 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia

"Musik ungeklaerter Herkunft", exhibition of works by Sigmar Polke, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia (in collaboration with Goethe Institut - Sofia, curator Iara Boubnova)

"Spring - Summer, Autumn - Winter", personal exhibition of Mariela Gemisheva, Ata Centre for contemporary art, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova)

"The Text as a Still Life", personal exhibition of Kiril Prashkov, in collaboration with Institut Fransais – Sofia, Sofia

"Locally Interested", international exhibition, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova, initiator Nedko Solakov)

"Recipes. New Artistic Manual", group show in the ICA - Sofia (curator Maria Vassileva)

"Translocation. (new) media Art", Generali Foundation, Vienna (co-curators Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev)

"Inventing a People. Contemporary Art in the Balkans", National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia; Bucharest; Thessalonica, Cavalla, Larissa (Greece) (co-curator Kiril Prashkov)

"Onufri ’98. Permanent Instability" - Bulgarian Participation, National Art Gallery, Tirana, Albania (co-curator Iara Boubnova)

"Small Talk 1" by Luchezar Boyadjiev. First one-artist show in ICA-Sofia, ICA, Sofia

"Bulgariaavantgarde. Kraftemessen II", Kunstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich, Germany (curator Iara Boubnova, concept Haralampi G. Oroschakoff)

Assosiation “Apsolutno” - Novi Sad, ATA center for contemporary art, Sofia (curator Maria Vassileva)

"Aller-Retour" - Bulgarian Participation, 3rd International Biennial, Cetinje, Montenegro, Yugoslavia (co-curator Iara Boubnova)

"Against - 30 photographs by Krassimir Todorov", (curator Maria Vassileva), French Institute, Sofia

"Erato's Version /female artists' erotic show/", Annual show of the Section of Art Critics of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia (curators Maria Vassileva, Iara Boubnova)

"Touching", group show at Ata-ray Gallery, Sofia (curator Maria Vassileva)

"Menschenbilder. Foto- und Videokunst aus Bulgarien", IFA Galerie, Berlin (co-curator Iara Boubnova)

"Eastern Europe: Spatia Nova"- Bulgarian Participation, 4th St. Petersburg Biennial, Russia (curator Iara Boubnova)

"Bulgarian Glimpse Show", Association of Moscow Art Galleries, Moscow (curator Iara Boubnova)



2013Lecture by Joseph Backstein, ICA-Sofia Gallery

Press Conference by Nedko Solakov, Sofia Press
Presentaton: Projects of Kiril Kuzmanov, ICA-Sofia Gallery

Raycho Stanev, Presentation of "Re-Istanbul" and 12 Istanbul Biennial, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Boryana Rossa and Oleg Mavromatti, "Rose Standard, performance, ICA-Sofia Gallery
Presentation of 54 Venice Biennial, SKLADA - Sofia
"Museum - what, for whom and how?", Experts' Round Table, February 5 – 6, 2011, ICA Gallery, Sofia

WORKSHOP: "Models for Thinking the Future" (together with Cultural Center of the Sofia University), November 7-8, 2010
"What is the Vanguard in the Russian Avant-Garde?", lecture by Ekaterina Degot, November 8, 2010
"Beyond Credit. Contemporary Art and Mutual Trust" (Curators: Maria Vassileva, Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev), 19 June - 25 July 2010, Istanbul
"Interface Sofia" Premiere, February 1, 2010, Sofia University

Master Class of Prof. Andrey Daniel, November 20, November 27, December 4, 2009, ICA Gallery, Sofia
"Limbs and Spines: New Video from Poland", presentation by Kamil Malinowski, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, November 7, 2009
"WOUNDS, HAPPINESS AND DISTANCE. Three exhibitions, three cities", presentation by David Elliott, ICA-Sofia Gallery, September 7th 2009

Presentation of ICA-Sofia in the frames of FIAC 08, in partnership with Pommery, Paris, October 23-26

2003- 2006
“Visual Seminar”, in partnership with the Centre for Advanced Study – Sofia in the frames of relations – a project, initiated by the Federal Cultural Foundation, GermanyExhibitions:

MJ Discussion, "Curators and Artists: Changing Relations and Perspectives", Goethe-Institut, Sofia, November 12, 2004
Balkan Reunion/Pub(lic) Conference, May 28 - 31, 2004

Research Visit to Sofia by Magda Carneci, curator, for the “Cosmopolis” show, Thessalonica 2004

Research Visit and lecture of Boris Grois, Germany, ATA center/ICA-Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Harald Szeemann, curator, for the “Blood and Honey. Future is in Balkan” show (Vienna 2003)

Presentation of the Manifesta 4 project (Frankfurt, 2002), in the Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Sofia

Cycle of lectures by Austrian and Bulgarian artists participants in the “Double Bind” show, in the Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Centre, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Prof. Peter Weibel (artist/curator), Roger Conover (editor/curator) and Eda Cufer (curator/writer) for the “In Search of Balkania” show (Graz, Austria 2002)


Research Visit to Sofia by Stevan Vucovic, curator – Remont Association-Belgrade, for the Balkan Umbrella #2 publication

Research Visit to Sofia by the Curatorial Team of the Manifesta 4 project for Frankfurt ’2002, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia and lecture by Giancarlo Politi, critic/curator/editor, for the 1st Tirana Biennial, in Ata Centre for Contemporary Art, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Rene Block, curator, for the show “In the Gorges of the Balkans” (Kassel, Germany 2003)

“Meeting Places”, international discussion following the show “Changing of Places” (curator Maria Vassileva), Ata Centre for contemporary art, Sofia. Participants: Ursula Biemann (Switzerland), Chrisina dela Guistina (Switzerland), Marilena Preda Sanc (Romania), Annette Schindler (Switzerland), Maria Vassileva (Bulgaria), Nebojsa Vilic (Macedonia), moderator Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bulgaria)

"Orgies - Mysteries - Theater", presentation and workshop in Sofia by Herman Nitsch (Austria), in Sofia Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia
"New Media from the Canals", lecture by Eric Kluitenberg (The Netherlands), in ICA, Sofia
Research Visit to Sofia by Stefan Nikolaev, artist/curator Glassbox, Paris

Individual workshops by Douglas Gordon, Peter Kogler, Oleg Kulik, Pipilotti Rist, Nedko Solakov, Rirkrit Tiravanija in Sofia within the framework of the "Locally Interested" project, various locations, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Maria Hlavajova, curator, for Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana (2000)

"The First National Training Course for Young Curators", (leading organizer, in collaboration with the SCA – Sofia), in Bistritza, Bulgaria

"InterEuropean Cultural Server", presentation by Dr. Franz Bleichinger from ZKM, Karlsrhue (Germany), in collaboration with Goethe-Institute – Sofia, in the Auditorium of Open Society Fund, Sofia

"Ostranenie '93, ‘95, ’97. Festival for New Media Art", presentation by Stephan Kovats (Canada/Germany), in Ata Center, Sofia
Presentation of "Mercurial States at ISEA'98" and lecture by Mikela Sonola curator of media art /FACT-Liverpool/, and presentation of "Virtual Revolutions at ISEA'98", by Iljana Nedkova, media curator, in ICA-Sofia (jointly with EN-forms Vision Foundation, Sofia and Ted Gallery, Varna)

A cycle of lectures and presentations of international media artists: Anneke Petikan, UK; Amus Taylor, Finland-UK; Pery Bard, USA, etc., in ICA, Sofia

"Translocation", Generali Foundation, Vienna, public lectures by Iara Boubnova and Luchezar Boyadjiev

Cycle of lectures, Guest Lecturer Dr. Tasos Zembylas, Vienna (jointly with the New Bulgarian University, Austrian Institute for East and South-East Europe, Austrian Embassy - Sofia), in Municipal Public Library, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Dr. Bojana Peijc, international curator and critic, for the “After the Wall” show, (jointly with SCA-Sofia)

Presentation of "Revolting Temporary Media Lab at ISEA'98" and lecture by Micz Flor, media critic, artist and activist /Berlin/Manchester/, in ICA, Sofia
Research Visit to Sofia by Roger Conover, MIT Press – USA and Eda Cufer, Ljubljana
Research Visit to Sofia by Dmitri Pilikin, artist/curator of Gallery 21, St. Petersburg, Russia
Research Visit to Sofia by Edi Muka, artist/curator, Tirana, Albania
“Sincerely yours”, presentation of contemporary Austrian video art at Sofia Municipal Art Gallery, curator: Birgit Mollik, Basis Wien

Research Visit to Sofia by Robert Fleck, curator, for Manifesta 2 in Luxembourg (1998) (jointly with SCA-Sofia)
"Contemporary Art and International Exhibitions", National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia, lecture by Iara Boubnova
"Mr. Curator, please...", National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia, lecture by Nedko Solakov
Research Visit to Sofia by Susan Snodgrass, art critic and curator, Chicago, USA
“The Language of the Female in Today’s Culture”, conference following the show "Erato's Version /female artists' erotic show/", conference hall of the Union of Bulgarian artists, 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia

"Contending Forces", lecture by Haralampi G. Oroschakoff, artist /Munich, Berlin/ in the French Institute, Sofia

Research Visit to Sofia by Rachel Weiss, art critic and curator in the Art Institute of Chicago, USA, for the “Global Conceptualism” project (1999)



2012Krassimir Terziev, "Recomposition. Author, Media and Artwork in the Age of Digital Reproduction", East-West Press / Institute for Contemporary Art - Sofia, Sofia, 2012

"Museum Issue", Visual Seminar (newspaper), March – November 2010

"From IDEOLOGY to ECONOMY. Contemporary Bulgarian Art 20 Years Later", catalogue-newspaper, October 2009
"Dan Perjoschi. International Artist", newspaper-catalogue, December 18, 2009 – January 30, 2010
"Techniques. Exhibition and ICA-Sofia Gallery inauguration", newspaper, 19.08.2009

"Interface Sofia", Visual Seminar, Sofia

"ICA-Sofia. Something Personal, Something Common (in a bundle)", newspaper, October 2008

"The Cliché – Memories, Images, Expectations". Visual Seminar, Resident Fellows Program 3, Sofia
"Neither a White Cube, nor a Black Box. History in Present Tense", newspaper-catalogue, November 7 – December 3, 2006

"Balkan Reunion/Pub(lic) Conference", Sofia
"The City: Cultural Heritage and Nostalgia", Visual Seminar, Resident Fellows Program 2
"The City as a Museum", Visual Seminar, Resident Fellows Program 4, Sofia

"Sofia as a Sight", Visual Seminar, Resident Fellows Program 1, Sofia
"Communal and private (and/or public and personal)", Visual Seminar (newspaper), August – December 2004
"Capital and the City", Visual Seminar (newspaper), January – August 2004

“Double Bind”, ICA, Sofia
“Manifesta and We”, ICA, Sofia
"Sofia as a sight", Visual Seminar (newspaper), September – December 2003
"Noticing the Visible", Visual Seminar (newspaper), April – August 2003

"Locally Interested. Douglas Gordon, Peter Kogler, Oleg Kulik, Pipilotti Rist, Nedko Solakov, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Uri Tzaig", catalogue of the exhibition, ICA, Sofia

"Inventing a People. Contemporary Art in the Balkans", Sofia-Istanbul (together with MAP Foundation-Paris)


"Bulgariaavantgarde. Kraftemessen II", realization ICA-Sofia, published by Salon Verlag, Cologne, Germany
"Erato's Version", realization ICA-Sofia, jointly with the Art Critics' Chapter of Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia and SCA-Sofia, Sofia

Kiril Prashkov, ICA, Sofia
Edmond Demerdjian, ICA, Sofia

Eastern Europe - Spatia Nova, ICA, Sofia
Bulgarian Glimpse Show, ICA, Sofia
Kossio Minchev, ICA, SofiaEdmond Demerdjian, ICA, Sofia
Dr. Galentin Gatev - "The Only Possible Way", ICA, Sofia

Pravdoliub Ivanov, ICA, Sofia
Kiril Prashkov - "National Style", ICA, Sofia



Boyadjiev, Luchezar. “Commuting Notes”, Balkan Umbrella Mag. (Remont Gallery-Belgrade), No. 2, June 2002, p.p. 30-37

Boubnova, Iaroslava. Boyadjiev, Luchezar. “Out of the Balkans”. Generali Foundation, Vienna, 1999/2002 Philips, Christopher. Report from Sofia, Art in America, October 1997, p.p. 47-53


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