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Diana Popova

Resident Fellows Program 2

An Eye for the Pale City, Sofia 2004

The issue covers the following projects: Krassimir Terziev "Excuse me, which city is this?" and X-tendo Group "Therefrom Hereto", and includes texts by Diana Popova, Luchezar Boyadjiev and Alexander Kiossev

The second part of the Fellows Program is a logical development of the ideas of the Visual Seminar, which is continuously impressed, surprised and asking questions about the visual environment of our daily urban existence.

The themes offered to the second group of fellows were defined as "The City, cultural heritage and nostalgia" and "Images of labor, images of consumption". These are targeted at the memory of itself, which every city preserves. The Advisory Board selected for realization the projects of the artist Krassimir Terziev and the group X-tendo, an Association for city's research with the means of the art. If the first two fellows Milla Mineva and Luchezar Boyadjiev whose theme was "Sofia as a Sight", were analyzing, criticizing and directly interfering in the existing aggressive practices of urban advertisement and self-advertisement through billboards and postcards, we are witnessing now a "field research" in Sofia. The definition of locations, fragments, remnants and memories that are keeping the characteristics of the city and are turning it into "a small fatherland", as we used to say in the past, are constructing a "collection" of samples, which reconfirm for me the feeling that the city is not only a shared space for all its inhabitants but also a combination of separate individual "cities". These do not always merge without conflict into a common whole. Their persistence raises the suspicion that there is not yet and/or no more the city of Sofia outside of the private experiences, ideals and dreams.

Iara Boubnova


  • Publications related to the Resident Fellow program:
    Four volumes including papers of the researchers and the artistic projects of the artists (one for each group of Fellows);
  • Catalogues for the Guest Program artists and for the Red Riviera Revisited show - besides the visual materials of the guests' presentations, it will include discussions and contributions by the artists and research fellows;
  • Interface Sofia - one volume resulting from the two-year Forum of Visual Cultures discussions and developing ideas. It will be a collection of the best contributions and some specially-commissioned projects about the current social and visual environment of Sofia prepared in collaboration between artists and academics (short texts, visual works in book form, statistics, and related data);
  • Newsletters, posters, informational and educational leaflets and postcards related to the corresponding events and/or steps in the development of the project.

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