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For 2010

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For the fourth time this year the Essential Reading for Art Writers Award, an initiative of the Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia, was presented. Former recipients of the award are Boryana Rossa (2007), Daniela Radeva (2008), and the author of the internet blog 'Nothing Personal' (2009).

The 2010 award is presented to the Editorial Team (Petya Alexandrova, Nina Venova, Lyudmila Dimova) of LIK, the monthly publication for literature, art and culture of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency in Sofia.

After a unanimous decision of the members of ICA-Sofia, the award is given because of the active and consistent interest of the Editorial Team of LIK in covering the most important events in the field of the visual arts in Bulgaria and the world, because of the motivated critical texts published as well as because of upholding the debate on the role of contemporary art and art criticism in the country.

The material expression of the award is a one-year subscription to Frieze magazine, one of the leading international publications on contemporary art. The choice of the award aims to emphasize the fact that access to professional literature on contemporary art is still a problem in Bulgaria.