Правдолюб Иванов

Правдолюб Иванов Капан 2007 Правдолюб Иванов Капан 2007 с разрешението на автора
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Роден: 1964 в Пловдив, България
Живее и работи в София

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1993 - Graduated from the National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Since 1996-Assistant Professor in National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia
Półprawda / Half-Truth, Gallery Le Guern, Warsaw, Poland, Curator Kamil J. Malinowski
Works, Non-Works and Illusions, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv
Thoughts Within Thoughts - dual show with Alec Finlay, ARC Projects, Sofia
Double Trouble - dual show with Valio Chenkov, Gallery Steinle, Munich, Germany
Existing Objects – ATA Center / Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia, Sofia
Pessimism No More, Musee des Beaux Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Negligible Incidents, TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
Vehicles Dream, Longwood Arts Project, New York, USA
At the Level of the Eyes, TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
Macro Swiss, at the Swiss Embassy Residence, Sofia
Between Thoughts and Talks, XXL Gallery, Sofia
Photo-Installations, dual show with Kalin Serapionov, Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia
Territory, Akrabov Gallery, Plovdiv

2013 - The Unanswered Question. İskele2, TANAS and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany; September 8 – November 3, 2013; Curator: René Block
- Unexpected Encounters, Camera Austria, Graz, 22.9.-17.11.2013
2012 - WHY DUCHAMP? From object to museum and back (125 years), Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art Sofia
Curator: Maria Vassileva, 08.03 – 01.04. 2012
- GROUP SHOW, 0GMS Gallery-Drawer, Sofia, Bulgaria, Curators: Vladiya Mihaylova and Ivan Moudov, 01.02. – 10.03. 2012
2011 - Within / Beyond Borders – The Collection of the European Investment Bank at the Byzantine & Christian Museum, Athens, Greece, curator Delphine Munro
- Monument Valley (Jaegerspris revisited / a homage to Johannes Wiedewelt) arranged and compiled by artist and critic Andreas Schlaegel
- No Network!1st „Time Machine", Biennale of Contemporary Art, D-0 Ark Underground, Konjic,Bosnia & Herzegovina, curator Branislav Dimitrijević
- Tolerabilis, Zeughaus Augsburg, Germany, curator Ilina Koralova
- Monumental Privacy, Gallery Royal, Munich, Germany, curator Valio Tchenkov
- Zwischenlager / Entrepot, Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna, Austria, (Curator Rene Block)
An Elusive Object of Art, Dana Charkasi Gallery, Vienna, Austria, (Curator Iara Boubnova)
- The Art of Urban Intervention, Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem, Check Republic, (Curators: Michal & Zdena Kolecek)
- No New Thing Under the Sun, group show in Royal Academy of Arts, in Tennant Gallery, (Curator Gabriel Coxhead)
- Vidéo et après, Suspended Spaces #1, video screening at Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, (Curator Brent Klinkum)

2010 - Suspended Spaces – depuis Famagusta, 18 January – 25 April 2010,
La Maison de la Culture d'Amiens, France, (curator Brent Klinkum)
- The Collection. New Acquisitions 2008-2009, 19 Januari 2010 – 21 March 2010, Sofia Art Gallery
- The Big Wave, Varna Biennial, 7 August 7 – 7 September, 2010, City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria (curator – Maria Vassileva)
- Beyond Credit, Contemporary Art and Mutual Trust, 19 June – 25 July 2010, Antrepo-5 (Sanat Limani), Istanbul, Turkey, (curators: Maria Vassileva, Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev)
2009 - "Who killled the Painting?", Works from the Block Collection, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen Germany,http://www.weserburg.de/
- "Black Little Curly Hair", curator Nicos Charalambidis, Kappatos Gallery, Athens, Greecehttp://www.kappatosgallery.com/
- "Techniques" – ICA Gallery, Sofia, (curators Iara Boubnova, Maria Vassileva), September-October, 2009
- "Land of Promise, (Curator Iliana Fokianaki), part of Re Map 2-parallel program to the 2nd Athens Biennial, Greece, September-October, 2009
2008 - "Ready Made Today", Steinle-Contemporary Gallery, Munich, Germany (Curator Eva Kraus)
- "Transfert", La BF 15, Lyon, France (curator Perrine Lacroix)
- "No Place – like Home. Perspectives on Migration in Europe", ARGOS-centre for art and media, Brussels, Belgium
- "moleculART", Gallery Raiko Alexiev, Sofia (curator Boris Kostadinov)
2007 - "L'Europe en devenir", curator Marius Babias, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, France, October-November, 2007
- "Plus Zwei", curators Iara Boubnov and Liviana Dan.
MKM Museum Kuepersmuehle1 fuer Moderne Kunst, Duisburg, June – 26 August, 2007
- "A Place You Have Never Been Before", 52 Venice Biennial, Bulgarian Pavilion, (Curator Vesela Nozharova) (C)
- "Being Here", Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland, (Curators: Brent Klinkum, Patrick Huber)
- "Inbetweeness", Ex Carceri del Complesso di San Michele a Ripa, Rome, Italy, (curators: Dobrila Denegri and Ludovico Pratesi)
2006 - “Important Announcement”- Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia, (Curators Maria Vasileva, Daniela Radeva)
- “Common Borders”, Plovdiv, (Curator Emil Mirazchiev)
- “3rd Forest Art Path”, Darmstadt, Germany, (Curator Ute Ritschel)
- “Check-in Europe”, Europe Patent Office, Munich, Germany, (Curator Marius Babias)
- “Regards à l’Est”, Caen, France, (Curator Brent Klinkum)
- “Of Mice and Men”, 4th Berlin Biennial, (curators: Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, Ali Subothnick)
2005 - “Public Dreams”, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic, (Michal Kolecek, Ilina Koralova)
- “Donumenta-4”, Regensburg, Germany, (Curators Regina Hellwig-Schmid, Sabine Rappel)
- “Sous les ponts, le long de la rivière-2”, Luxembourg, (Curator Enrico Lunghi)
2004 - “Cosmopolis-1, miccrocosmos X macrocosmos”, Thessaloniki, Greece, (Curator Magda Carneci) (C)
- “Flipside”, Artists Space Gallery, New York, USA, (Curator Katherine Carl) (C)
- “On Reason and Emotion”, 14th Sydney Biennial, (Curator Isabel Carlos) (C)
- “Interupted Game”, Gallerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany, (Curators I. Koralova, M. Kolecek)
- “Multiplications”, Multiples, Collection of British Council, City Gallery, Sofia, (Curator Maria Vasileva)
2003 - “In the Gorges of the Balkans”, Fridericianum Museum, Kassel, Germany, (Curator Rene Block) (C)
- “Blut & Honig, Zukunft ist am Balkan”, Essl Collection, Vienna, Austria, (Curator Harald Szeemann) (C)
- “Export-Import”, City Gallery, Sofia. (curator Maria Vasileva)
- “Mors Impossiblis”, Irida Gallery, Sofia. (curator Boris Kostadinov)
2002 - “Double Bind”, ATA Center, Irida Gallery, XXL Gallery, Sofia, (curators Iara Boubnova, Georg Scholhammer)
- “Radiodumb", Zero Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Piacenza, Italy, (curator Paolo Zani)
- “Bound/less Borders”- Belgrade, Yugoslavia (concept Biljana Tomic) (C)
- “Selfportrait”, Raiko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia, (curator Vesela Radoeva)
2001 - “Escape”, The Tirana Biennial, Tirana, Albania (Director Giancarlo Politi) (C)
- “Don't Look at Me with this Tone!”, Section 13 / UBA, 6 Shipka Str. Gallery, Sofia
- “Reality Watch “, Municipal Art Gallery, Rousse, Bulgaria (curator Iara Boubnova)
2000 - Manifesta 3, “Borderline Syndrome”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, (curators Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, Maria Hlavajova, Kathrin Rhomberg) (C)
- “At Room Temperature”, studio Ivan Moudov, Sofia (curator Dessislava Dimova)
- “On the Other Hand”, Ata Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia, (curator Dessislava Dimova) (C)
1999 - “Bacterium Bulgaricus Art”, Museum for Foreign Art, Riga, Latvia (curator Plamena Racheva) (C)
- “Turning the Page”, Apollonia '99, Sozopol, Bulgaria (curator Dessislava Dimova) (C)
- “Black See- North See”, Open Air Museum Drecht Banks Sculpture Park, The Netherlands
(curators Lucien Den Arend, Jan De Lange) (C)
- “Recipes”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia (curator Maria Vassileva)
- “Inventing a People. Contemporary Art in the Balkans”, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, ArtExpo Foundation, Bucharest; Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece; Art Box, Kavala, Greece; Contemporary Art Center of Larissa, Larissa, Greece (curator Andre Rouille) (C)
1998 - “The Archives”, Section 13 / UBA, 6 Shipka Str. Gallery, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova)
- “Onufri '98. Permanent Instability”, National Art Gallery,Tirana, Albania (curator Edi Muka)
- “The Labyrinth”, 2nd International Triennial of Graphic, Prague, Czech Republic, (curator of the bulgarian section Plamena Racheva) (C)
- “Bulgariaavantgarde. Kraeftemessen II”, Kuenstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich, Germany
(curator Iara Boubnova, concept Haralampi G. Oroschakoff) (C)
1997 - 9th International Biennial for Graphic Art (section “Photo-Graphic “), Varna, Bulgaria (curator Irina Genova)(C)
- “Black-Gray-White”, Kerava Art Museum, Finland (curator Ljuben Kostov) (C)
- “Back and Forth. New Icon”, 3rd International Biennial, Cetinje, Montenegro, YU (curators Andrei Erofeev, Bernard Marcade, Iara Boubnova) (C)
- “Ars Ex Natio. Made in BG”, 4th Annual Show of the Soros Center for the Arts-Sofia,
Old City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (curators Iara Boubnova, Maria Vassileva) (C)
- “Bulgarian Art Book”, Ata Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia (curator M. Pavlov) (C)
- “Menschenbilder. Foto- und Videokunst aus Bulgarien”, IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(curator Iara Boubnova) (C)
- “Das Spiel”, Wittgenstein Haus, Vienna, Austria (curator Barbara Wurtzl) (C)
- “Evidences. The Real Diversity”, 3rd Annual Show of the SCA-Sofia, Sofia Municipal Art Gallery, Sofia (curators G. Gatev, K. Minchev, S. Stefanov, H. Tcherkelov) (C)
- “Bulgarian Glimpse Show”, Association of Moscow Art Galleries and BCIC, Moscow
(curator Iara Boubnova) (C)
1996 - “Eastern Europe: Spatia Nova”, 4th International Biennial, St.Petersburg, Russia (curator Iara Boubnova) (C)
1995 - “Orient/ation”, 4th International Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (curator Rene Block) (C)
- “30 Grand Prix”, 6 Shipka Str. Gallery, Sofia (C)
- “Week of Modern Art”, Old Turkish Bathhouse, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1994 - “N-forms? Reconstructions and Interpretations”, 1st Annual Show of the SCA-Sofia, Raiko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia (curators B. Klimentiev, D. Popova, S. Stefanov, N. Boshev) (C)
- “In Search for the Self-Reflection”, Old City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria (curator Iara Boubnova) (C)
- “The Artists of Lettre Internationale”, LitteraturHaus, Wien, Austria
- “The Nail”, 6 Shipka Str. Gallery, Sofia
1993 - “Works on Paper”, Ata-Ray Gallery, Sofia (curator Iara Boubnova)
- “Object Bulgarian Style”, 6 Shipka Str. Gallery, Sofia (curators Iara Boubnova, Maria Vassileva, Diana Popova)
1992 - “New Names”, Shipka 6 Street Gallery, Sofia
* (C)-catalogue
2007 - "Artist to Artist", Newcastle, England, Visiting Arts, Henry Moore Foundation
- "Artist talk in WorkPlace Gallery", Newcastle, England
2000 - Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
1999 - Open Air Museum-Drecht Banks Sculpture Park, The Netherlands
1998 - ArtsLink, Fellowship, Longwood Arts Project, New York, USA
1996 - KulturKontakt Fellowship, Horn, Austria
1994/5 - Foundation ARTEST / BINZ’39 Fellowship, Zürich, Switzerland

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